Well, firstly, there’s total transparency. Buyers often feel their offers aren’t considered seriously and don’t even know if there are other offers or not. Here, what you see is what you get. If someone else offers you have the option to increase your offer (all in increments of £1000). Secondly, because modern auction properties are offered chain free, there’s no chance the owner will turn round and say that they have decided not to move; often incurring the buyer in abortive solicitor fees and survey/mortgage costs if applicable. Thirdly – but probably not lastly – purchasers have been equally frustrated by the protracted sales process as sellers. This was 56 days is the maximum time but buyers do have it in their auspices to considerably speed up that timescale.

Auction sales have traditionally charged a reservation fee, usually 1% of the purchase price but many websites charge a much higher minimum. Often vendors selling in this way and saving ££££’s in agents fees realistically price the property and the end result is often just as beneficial to the buyer, overall. To clarify, GoingOnce do NOT charge any other additional commission to sellers.

Nothing as far as GoingOnce are concerned, the £2,400 total including VAT is it. However, buyers will need to appoint a solicitor and will also incur mortgage costs, not least the survey/valuation. We can assist with advice, please submit an enquiry here. In most circumstances there will be stamp duty but as this varies according to a buyers personal circumstances and the sale price of the property we recommend you look at the .gov.uk calculator here.

We advise buyers NOT to have searches done in advance of the auction because if they are unsuccessful bidding that expenditure will have been lost. We will advise if there are any issues that we are aware of in the special conditions.

All GoingOnce properties are sold as seen, and fixtures and fittings lists will reflect this. Enquiries will be done in the normal way with vendors responding to queries raised. Buyers with mortgages must advise GoingOnce beforehand, as certain companies impose special conditions on their offer of mortgage and unfortunately, GoingOnce and their vendor cannot be held liable for any issues or delays this incurs.

The ONLY time this may be considered is if an issue arises that was not clear at the outset such as undiagnosed structural problems.

At the point the cyber-hammer falls on the auction and you are the fortunate successful bidder a representative of GoingOnce will contact you to take you through the rest of the process, and thereafter solicitors will take over in the normal way. In principle, you will pay the reservation fee, provide ID (Utility bill and either passport or driving licence will normally suffice) and you will receive an email ion confirmation of your purchase. Your appointed representative will be available as a contact throughout the process for help and advice.

There will be TWO viewing days, one at the outset of marketing usually three weeks before the auction proper, one the weekend prior to auction. Please ensure you check times and that you make us aware you are interested in viewing. Regrettably, we cannot take bids from buyers who have not seen the property.

No. In the interests of fairness and transparency we feel it is better to ensure all bids are through the auction process. We ensure ample time with most auctions opening on the designated Monday at 9am and not closing until more than two days later on the Wednesday at 1pm, with access to bid 24/7.

This is far from an exhaustive list and we are mindful that as a new website we will constantly be updating it  to reflect the enquiries we get. In the meantime, use the ‘contact us’ to put any further questions – we will endeavour to answer as promptly as possible and always within 24 hours.